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There are 900 new items on Desley.net just in time for holiday shopping!

You can find items that are no longer available directly from Avon. Discontinued skin care, makeup and fragrances for men and women. Children's items. Collectibles, including Precious Moments, Cherished Teddies, the Christmas plate, the pewter ornament and many more. Everything is mint condition, unopenned stock. Ready to ship.

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Avon Collector's Lost & Found Virtual Museum has lots of new pictures of older collectibles!

Avon Collector's Lost & Found has a virtual museum of products, brochures and Avon related items covering the past 50 years in memory of my soul mates in Avon: Janice, Veena, Gloria, Shirley and Geraldine. They were all avid Avon collectors and all made major contributions to the website. We are currently adding new items to the museum weekly. We have Avon items from around the world, including the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. Some items in the Museum will be for sale. If you have something that you think Avon Collectors would enjoy looking at online, contact us! Click on museum in the column to the right and when you are on that page, click on detailed listing to see all of the pictures of older collectible Avon items. We add to them constantly.
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ICollectAvon Classified Ads

To advertise on ICollectAvon, you must become a member. Members may post classified ads containing text, links and graphics. Whether you want to post lists of collectibles, individual items for sale, wanted ads, announcements... that is up to you! A membership also allows you to post questions to the What-Is-It? section, to get help identifying your Avon collectibles. Memberships run for a length of 1 month for $3, and may be renewed. Payments can be made by PayPal, personal check or money order. To sign up for a membership, you must first create a username and password. Then log in with your username and password to view the membership page where you can sign up for a paid membership. You must become a member before you can post an ad. The website is free to view classified listings and other areas whether you are a member or not. Purchases and sales of items are negotiated between the buyer and seller, not through the website.

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RARE, very hard to find and WONDERFUL California Bath Co products from AVON

You can find the following California Bath Co products that you've been hunting for at
They have Gold Dust Bath Salts
Napa Valley Mud Soap
Palm Springs Liquid Talc
San Diego Shower Gel
Check it out!

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AVON Palm Springs Liquid Talc, RARE and very hard to find!

AVON Palm Springs Liquid Talc is for sale at
the price is $12.99 plus S&H
and will be shipped on the next business day after you order it.


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Avon English Country Collection boxed scented drawer liner

From 1988. Romantic Victorian design for beautiful interior drawer decor. Lightly fragranced to give all your special things a delicate scent. 4 sheets per box. 15" deep.
Not for sale. Thank you Chris for the picture.

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250 new items from 2010 on desley.net

250 new product listings of items from 2010 were added to www.desley.net today.
You can search for any of your favorite products that are no longer available from Avon Reps. Your order is shipped next business day by the best service available.

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AVON Soothing Seas products

There are 12 different products from the Avon Soothing Seas line available at
including massage lotion, roll on deodorant, hand cream, bath crystals, bath oil, face & body mask, foam bath, foaming wash (liquid soap)
body bar, moisture gel,polishing shower gel, talc

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Discontinued AVON PLANET SPA items that aren't scented or aren't just one scent

The following products from the Avon Planet Spa line are available at www.desley.net
Planet Spa Flower Sponge
Planet Spa Fragrant Jars (set of 3 different fragrances)
Planet Spa Mitts & Booties
Planet Spa Sampler (0.5 oz sizes of African Shea Butter Body Scrub, Dead Sea Mud Mask and Mediterranean Olive Oil Body Cream)
Arizona Hot Sands Bath Brush (this is not scented)
Japanese Green Tea & Rice (pink) 2 in 1 slippers (size 7/8)(this is not scented)
Mediterranean Olive Oil Hair Wrap (this is not scented)

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Discontinued Avon Planet Spa WHITE TEA

The following products from the Avon Planet Spa White Tea fragrance are available at www.desley.net
2.5 oz Cleansing Face Polisher
4 oz Energizing Face and Body Mist
2.5 oz Energizing Face Mask
(unopened box of 4) Facial Ampoules
1.7 oz Radiant Renewing Lotion
(unopened jar of 20) Uplifting Eye Pads

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