You can get all of these fragrances for MUCH LESS THAN EBAY!

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After a recent request for a discontinued fragrance that someone had purchased on eBay but was unhappy with and wanted a quality supplier, we checked out the eBay prices for some older fragrances and they were RIDICULOUS!
You can find all of these fragrances in mint condition, unopened boxes at for a fraction of what they are listed for on eBay!
Fantasque, Comfort Scents
Christian Lacroix Rouge, Surreal
Here's My Heart, Josie Natori
mark Earth, Bond Girl 007 Forever
Today, Peony Soft Musk
Millennia, Herve Leger Femme
Instinct for Her, Occur
50's Glam, and the Rosepoint Bell Decanter with Cotillion Cologne

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