If you currently sell older Avon online, you might be interested...

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If you currently sell older Avon online, you might be interested in help with the provenance of your items. We have done this before and are offering the service again. We can provide print information or digital images of older Avon items including what the items sold for when they were first sold by Avon. If you have used the Hastin's Avon Collector's Encyclopedia before, it usually keeps the original selling price as the collectible value unless something drastic has occurred with supplies of the item.
If you are interested in obtaining extra information about your items you can contact staff@icollectavon.net for pricing. Prices will be reasonable for whatever you need. We already make CDs of pictures available when new products are introduced to Avon Reps. Because there are so many visitors to www.Desley.net who aren't buyers and we see our pictures elsewhere, you can check out www.Desley.net to see if there is something you need info on. You only need a word or two to find an item and usually the fewer words you use, the more likely you are to get what you are looking for.
Happy Online Selling and Happy Fourth of July!

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