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The separation of Avon North America from Avon Global is complete!

Avon North America is now called New Avon LLC and is a privately owned company. Cerberus Capital Management owns 80% of the company and hopes to make Avon profitable again.

It may be harder for you to get the things you want as things change at Avon, so stock up on the things you know and love from the past!

The separation of Avon North America from Avon Global is complete!
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We have decided to offer a new service at AVON Collector's Lost & Found!
There are so many people who are frustrated while looking for that "needle in a haystack" that we are going to HELP you find what you are looking for.
Send us an email with the item you are looking for. We will both send you the info and availability of that item and what the prices are. The cost to you is just $3 per search. If you have more than one item that you are looking for, we will search up to 3 items for that $3 fee. If you don't like to pay for things online, you can mail us a check or money order for the $3 and we can even USMail you the info rather than sending an email if that's what you prefer.
You won't find anyone with more IT capability regarding Avon products (both current and discontinued) than the folks at AVON Collector's Lost & Found. We've been in business online since 1992 and in the current form since 1996. Check it out!

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