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 Mariann Bricker of Illinois sold ALL of her Representative awards from her ad on

If you have a Success Story to report or would like to recognize a specific individual for their assistance, please feel free to advise me at

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GREAT STUFF.....have been looking for Avon American Classic and Brisk Spice for a long time. Thanks for providing them. 

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Hello...Just wanted to let you know that I rec'd this yesterday . . .Thanks!

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I got them a couple days ago...thank you very much, I have them on as we speak!

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I recieved my order. It is beautiful and just what I hoped it would be. It's been delightful doing business with you--I hope to visit again!....Joy

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The ear cuff came today, thanks so much, I have left great feedback for you.

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Rose, my order just arrived. I absolutely love the 16 & 8 oz bottles.......I felt completely nostalgic the minute I saw them. The pump for the 16.9 bottle fits the 16 oz so I was even more excited! I wish Avon would grab a clue and bring this design back! Anyway, thank you so very much for getting this to my so quickly.
I appreciate all your help

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Yes, I'd like to purchase more. I love that shower gel. I am on my last bottle. I bought all that I could find once I heard it was being discontinued. I just put Avon Milk Made Shower Gel in google to see what would come up, so I was very happy to see your site....10/2/2006

I'd looked everywhere for the Toccara Perfume by Avon. It was very
important to me to find this item because that's what I was named
after. -Smile. This was the only place I found it, and I received it in
a very timely matter. Thanks again! ....Tacarra.

Thanks so much for getting my ad up so promptly and most especially for adding the list. What a bargain. Thanks....Virginia....5/29/04

Hi: Thank you, thank you! Most has been sold with your help. It's time to cancel the ads. Thanks again! Joyce

Hi Rhonda! Thank you for placing my ad on December 28th, regarding the Beauty Dusts & Refills. Please delete my ad as of today, I have sold all of them! I will look through my items and hopefully be placing a new ad soon. Thanks again for the great website, and have a Happy New Year! Felicia 01/02/04

Searching to purchase Avon bangle bracelet circa 1993/1994 not sure which campaign, that is embossed with the word for "Grandmother" in different languages (ie)grossmutter, babaillka, nyana etc. German, French, Italian, English,etc. Bracelet comes in goldtone and silvertone. Will take both goldtone and silvertone, need medium or large but will take any size. Please contact: Bernadine
Hello Rhonda, You may REMOVE my ad for the braclet. I have had good success and have found and purchased them from readers seeing the ad. I am very PLEASED with your service of hard to find Avon and thankful for the website. Thanks again !! Bernadine 12/6/03

I am looking for AVON'S MOTHERS DAY plate for 1997. Please e-mail Susan if you have one. Thank you.
Hi! Please do delete my ad from your website, as through it I was able to find what I was looking for. Thanks 11/26/03

Want to purchase good condition 1980 Albee Presidential Award Doll with box. Picture prior to purchase.
Please contact Troy
we did make a connection through your service and found the item we were looking for – thanks!! 11/26/03

Looking for a lifetime supply of ANEW FOR MEN SKIN SOOTHING LOTION (not the Complex). I found out last year it had been discontinued. Let me know if you have any laying around. Thanks. Tim.
(Referred by long time "Lost & Found" friend Rose Bloom)
Hi, Rhonda, You may delete it - the ad has brought several responses in the last couple of years. Thanks for the service. Tim 11/26/03

I need help please. I believe we had an eagle pendant made by Avon in the 1970's. It has an eagle with it's wings spread and the chain attached behind each wing. It was recently stolen from my 18 year old and had belonged to his father. If you have any idea where I might find one or even if it is not Avon please contact Debbie. Thank you.
Thank you Rhonda, My sons both have found a replacement for this and we no longer need the ad. I am sorry I forgot to remove it. Thank you. Debbie 11/26/03

To Oz throw, new, still in bag, never opened. Has characters from The Wizard of Oz. Book price was $29.99, will sell for $20 plus shipping. Email Suzanne
WOW! I placed the ad for my Wizard of Oz throw on Saturday and it was sold Monday morning! Please remove my ad and thanks for such a great service! Sincerely, Suzanne 11/25/03

Thanks to for her help in helping me locate a butterfly necklace that Avon had back in the 70's. I had one for many years and have misplaced it. When my Avon friends could not help me, I really didn't think I would ever be able to find one. My sister-in-law is a past Avon Manager and she suggested I go to the internet, which I did. Calbloom was very prompt in answering my request and in getting it to me.
Thanks for helping me locate the Butterfly Necklace. It really has a very special to meaning to me, since I lost a friend who had breast cancer and she always wore butterflies and that's how we continue to remember her. Thanks. Linda H 9/28/03

Wanted: Avon 14K Gold Blue Topaz and Diamond Leaf Ring. Any size. Sold in 2001 brochures. Please contact Debbie
Rhonda, I have received the ring that I advertised for on your website.
Thank you for your service! Debbie Taylor 9/28/03

Hi! Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I sold about 90%-95% of the items that I listed on two ads, so you can cancel those ads. I will placing new ads with you soon. The ads read:
PAGE 2 - Selling off my Avon Collection...(Has an itemized list with it)
PAGE 9 - I have several bar soaps, boxed soaps... (Has an itemized list with it)
Thanks for the great website! Felicia Hayes 9/8/03

Looking to replace broken Blossom of the Month cup & saucer...January (carnation).
Original box not necessary. Contact Carol
Hi, Please remove my ad.....By using your service I was able to find the arrived today in excellent condition! Thanks. Carol 8/19/03

Avon Teapots & Mugs NIB, $3.00 each . Please Click Here for list of items available. You may contact Joyce.
Hi Rhonda: Another sale...THANK YOU!! On Page 1 of WANT TO SELL (about 1/3 way down) : Please delete my whole ad for Cups and Saucer Sets. Thank You! Joyce Vanderlinden 8/19/03

Want to Buy. . . .Wine Glasses, issued in the late 90's. These have Hebrew letters around the rim (a Sabbath Blessing). They came in sets of 2. Please email Angélique
Hi Rhonda, Thank you for keeping track of this. I do have enough of the glasses. I got several responses and met some really wonderful people. Please remove my ad and put me under "success stories"!
Thank you very much, Angélique Mitchell 8/15/03

Complete Wild Violets crystal set includes 1 tray with 6 plates, 1 pitcher, 6 crystal bowls and 7 crystal tumblers in original boxes. Price for all $150.00 plus postage. Please contact Donna
I sold the Wild Violets crystal set so the ad can be removed. Thanks to your site I was able to sell the set. Thanks so much. Donna 8/15/03

Rhonda - Please REMOVE my ad for the Cape Cod dinnerware...I have sold all of the items!! Thanks so much. You have a great service. Kathy 8/11/03

WANTED: Umbrella for 1988 Mrs. Albee. Please contact Nancy
Hi Rhonda, I found the umbrella I was looking for and got it in the mail today. hooray! Thanks so much for your help. Nancy 8/2/03

Hi. My name is Vivian and I'm looking for a kids item that would have been available in the mid 1960;s. It was a plastic globe, (grey or blue) about 6-8 inches tall, with a screw-off base that it sat on. It was filled with bubble bath. The unique thing about it was that it had different colored plastic continents that snapped on and off of it. Does anyone remember this item? Anyone have one for sale? Please contact Vivian
Rhonda, I was contacted by someone the very same day my ad went up on your website. I now have two of the items I was looking for. Thanks to you and Felicia C. Please remove my ad.
Vivian 6/18/03

I really want to buy an Avon bottle. The Kodiak Bear. If you could help me in any way It would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. My name is William McMillan.
Dear Rhonda, I have two Kodiak Bears on the way in the mail right now. Your website gave me fast results. Thanks William McMillan 6/17/03

I need (1) only 1993 FLSTN Heritage Softtail Nostalgia Harley. Thanks for your great service. Karen Cook
Please delete my ad dated 6-14-03 (1) 1993 FLSTN Heritage Softail Nostalgia Harley as I have one in my possession all ready. Thanks! Karen Cook 6/17/03

Have extra perfumed talcs from my mother's days as an Avon Representative during the 1970's. All are full and have never been used. The talcs are priced from 75 cents to $1.50 + Shipping. If interested in any or all of these items, please contact Shirley.
Rhonda, Please delete my ad which was placed on March 28, 2003 for the "Have extra perfumed talcs". Your ad website was great once again! I sold the whole lot. Thanks again for allowing me to place the ad. Shirley 4/28/03

I would like to thank Rose at I had desperately searched every source for an Avon item. She was extremely prompt and efficient with all correspondence and mailings......will definitely be using her again. Leannah 04/25/2003

Hi Rhonda, I sold an Avon Auburn Speedster and the Avon Baseball stein thanks to you.
Could you take those two items off of my ad. Thanks again! Deb 4/14/03

Would like empty Sea Fantasy Bud Vase 1978-79, bottle in mint condition, box not necessary. Would like several. Will pay $2.00 plus shipping. Please respond to Laurie
Hello, My name is Laurie. Would you please remove my ad/ads from the website under the wanted section. Thanks so much for your help. I had great success with finding what I needed. Laurie 4/11/03

Hi Rhonda. I want to tell you that I think your site has improved a lot and I have sold many things and I give you much of the credit. Keep it up!!!! Thanks, Janice E. 3/28/03

I want to complete the Bethelhem Nativity collection. I presently have the Holy Family, the camel and ox. I would like the three Wisemen and any other pieces that may be available. These pieces are by the artist Tom O'Brien. Thank you, Carmela
Please remove my add posted on 3/26/03. I have been able to locate the desired items. I would like to post a new ad. By the way this is a Great. I had responses the day after the ad was placed and was successful in getting all three Wise Men. Thanks for great service. 3/27/03

Needing to sell 1500 pieces of Avon jewelry dated from the mid 70's to mid 80's. All items are in the original boxes and have never been worn. The items consist of pierced/clip earrings,rings,necklaces, pins, bracelets, men's, women's and children's items (no children glace pins). I am asking $3.00 each + shipping charges or the group can be purchased for $2,000.00 + shipping charges. To see an itemized list, please e-mail Shirley
Rhonda, Please remove my ad from the New Arrivals page of your website. The ad begins NEED TO SELL AVON JEWELRY..Believe it or not, someone bought the whole lot! Thank you for allowing me the space to place my ad. Regards, Shirley 3/27/03

Just wanted to let you know that I did purchase a "Mrs. Quackles" from this website, and just received it in the mail yesterday. It's a replacement for my mother's original that was broken & I know she will be happy to get it. Thanks & take care. Kim 3/26/03

Looking for 4 resin miniature bird bell Christmas ornaments produced for AVON and designed by Marjolein Bastin. Ornaments are approximately 3 in high, have natural twine hanging loops, and though they are called bells and have clappers they really do not ring or tinkle much at all. Lot consists of cardinal on flowerpot, bullfinch on watering can, sparrow on birchbark birdhouse, and red breast on thatched roof birdhouse. These were issued in 1997. Please contact Shirley.
Rhonda, I finally had success in finding the Marjolein Bastin Bird Bells, you can delete my ad.
Thank you! Shirley 3/11/03

Looking for 'SUNLIGHT & SHADOWS' from the late 60s (I think that was what this 2-piece fragrance set was called). Also PERSIAN WOOD cream sachet or body cream. Please contact Karen
Hi, Rhonda, I got several responses about the 'Lights & Shadows' set, and have picked up a couple of them, so I'm glad I found your site. My ad can be deleted now. Thanks. Karen Kinkus Louisville, KY 3/2/03

Want to buy: May Blossom of Month Cup & Saucer Set & July Blossom of Month Cup & Saucer Set
Please contact Linda
Am happy to report I found and rec'd the two cup and saucer sets of the months that I was searching for to give to my sister. She was so happy to receive them that she cried. She had been searching 10
years for them but did not have internet access in her search. They arrived in mint condition. Thank you for your service. The gift of these 2 cup/saucer sets was to me, the giver, as I saw how happy my sister was to have them. Please remove my ad. Thank you. Linda 3/1/03

Former Avon Rep and Manager moving to small apartment need to consolidate. Please Click Here for list of items for sale. You may contact Mary.
Hi Rhonda, After selling Avon for 26 years I had an attic full and needed to move to a small apartment. Thanks to your I was able to sell everything a make a big move easier. Thanks for everything. You can remove my ads now. Mary Duffy 3/1/03

Hello! Avon collector's and Lovers ... Here at Garage Sale Central Thrift Store we have on Consignment a large collection of 70s & 80s Avon products. We're talking about Thousands of items that are packed up in 110 good size boxes. We have Bottles, (most are Full) Steins and Mugs, Plates, Children's Decanters, Figurines, Candles, Jewelry, Awards & Representatives Gifts, President's Club Items and much more then I can list here. If there is something you are looking for please send email and we will look for it for you. My plan is to reply to each email I receive to let the sender know we got it. I will not contact you again unless I find the product you were looking for and please keep in mind that it may be awhile, remember we have 110 boxes and cant go though each box for an item or two for each request. As for the pricing we are using Bud Hastin's 16th edition Encyclopedia and are pricing everything BELOW book price, Postage will be charged to the buyer, I ship by USPS Priority mail only, I charge only the actual postage cost. (No Handling fee) Payment can be made by using PayPal online services, Money Order, or Personnel check, if check is send shipping will be held up for at least 10 days for check to clear the bank. Thank You in Advance and we will be looking forward to helping you find that one long lost Avon Treasure. PS We do have the boxes for 90% of what we have.
Hi Rhonda, The Ad I have on your web site has been GREAT! I received more inquiry's and sold more from your ad then I have with any other ad I placed. (and yours was the cheapest) You may take the ad I have running at this time OFF, I may place a new one in the future? Thank You Very Much, your service is appreciated. RAB@GSC 3/1/03

Help!! Looking desperately for rep award plates issued in the 70's. These plates are approximately 8" in diameter, clear glass or crystal. Each have a different center, rose, tree, world etc. I need 6 of these plates. If you can help please email Toni
Hi Rhonda: I do have a very successful story. I received the plates I needed within days after placing my ad. I am still getting replies to the ad so people are viewing everything still. Thank you so much for having this available for all of us. You may remove my ad. Thanks Toni Peters 2/27/03

I am looking for at least 2 complete sets (1 each for my son and daughter) of the 2-1/2" E.T. porcelain figurines sold by Avon starting in 1984. The 1st E.T. is called "Flowers;" I'm not sure what the other 3 are since I wasn't able to purchase to purchase them. If anyone knows where I can located these figurines please contact Wanda
Good evening Rhonda, Thank you this message. I have been wondering how to let everyone know that I have been very successful in locating the ET Items for which I was searching. This site has many wonderfully helpful people. Since I no longer need any more items, please remove my message from the founds and place it under "found." Cordially Wanda 2/27/03

Searching for Unicorn pomander/had fragrance beads in base. Please contact Janice
Thanks for contacting me. I did find a unicorn. 2 in fact. I got response from the ad. I never thought I'd be able to find replacement for the broken one. Janice Lane 2/27/03

Wanted: AVON RUGGER/PLUS COLOGNE, original or reissue. Please look around and see if you can find any and I will buy it. Thanks! Please contact Warren
Dear Rhonda, Thanks for the reminder; I should have contacted you earlier to remove my ad for Rugger. I met with great success. Due to the responses, I was able to purchase enough of the cologne to last a long time. Met some really nice people, as well. I am very pleased. Warren Hartman 2/25/03

Looking for Avon Aloe Vera Shampoo. This product was discontinued a few years ago. Will buy a case if you still have some. Please contact Valerie.
Hi Rhonda, You may cancel the add for the Aloe Vera Shampoo. I have found enough for a lifetime. You are doing a wonderful job with this website, I can't tell you how many people I have refered to your website. I am going to list a lot of collectibles on your site. Just have to find the time to sit down and list all of them. I want to know if you would like this in Excel or a Word table? Which lists better? Sincerely, Valerie Painter 2/25/03

I am looking for the baby Jesus piece that goes to the O Holy Night Nativity Collection, 1989. I have the three wise men, Mary and Joseph, and broke the baby Jesus recently. Does anyone know if any animals may also be available? Thank you. Please contact Claudia.
Dear Rhonda, Thank you for reminding me. Could you please cancel my avon lost and found ad as I was able to purchase the piece I needed for my nativity. I appreciate your time ~ Thanks! Claudia Crosby 2/25/03

I am looking for the 1997 and 1998 Mother's Day collectable plates. Mine broke and now my collection is incomplete. If anyone has these please contact me. Thanks!! Kristin
Hi Rhonda, Thank you for the email. I do not need my ad any more. I got many responses and found what I was looking for. You may delete my ad at this time and thank you for your help. Kristin Boulais 2/25/03

I would dearly love to find a Genuine Porcelain Cross necklace to replace the one that I recently broke. This necklace came out in campaign 7 of 1993 and was discontinued in campaign 6 of 1994. The cross is white porcelain, about 1-1/2 inches high, has some gold decorative printing around the cutout in the middle of the cross. Please email Diane ASAP with any info you might have as to where I could obtain one. I would appreciate ANY help you could give me in locating one of these necklaces!
Hello Rhonda - You may delete my ad. I was successful in obtaining two of the Porcelain Cross necklaces that I was trying to find. I am soooo glad you have this website - it put me in touch with just the right person. Thanks again! Diane McCarthy 2/25/03

Wanted: Unused baseball soap-on-rope. Any color, any kind. Please contact Jane.
I've had a number of responses from my ad for baseball soap-on-a-ropes. I've bought 3 of them. please delete my ad. Thanks! Jane Fox 2/25/03

I would like to keep the ad I have with you. I have sold about $500 worth of items so far. l think you had a great idea when you started this. Joe 2/25/03

I am searching for pieces of the Hummingbird Crystal dinnerware collection. I am wanting to increase my number of service pieces. I am wanting these pieces to have the original boxes if possible, but I will consider pieces without them. I am a serious buyer and I will respond to any and all offers. Please email me with a list of the pieces you are selling and asking prices. Please contact Margo
Hi Rhonda, Good to hear from you. I want to take a second here to let you know that because of my ad that was posted on your site, I have been able to acquire several of the missing pieces that I needed to complete my collection of the Hummingbird crystal pattern. I finally added the coup`de gra piece a few weeks ago...the rare cake plate with pedestal. I received many emails from wonderful folks with offers to sell pieces of the crystal ranging from single units up to the entire sets. Your site has been a blessing two fold but now the time has come for me to ask that my ad be removed as my collection is complete. Thank you so much for having this Avon site open for people to post on. Sincerely yours,
Margo / 2/25/03

Hi. Would like to buy two Fisher Price Little People sets which were available (not sure when?) through Avon. The Little Red Riding Hood set and the Cinderella Set. Please email Lori if you have one (or two) to sell.
Hi. Just wanted to thank you for a great site and pass on compliments for a GREAT seller. I placed an ad looking for the Avon Little People sets from years ago and was contacted (and bought from) Karen Cook ( She was absolutely FABULOUS to do business with and has other items listed as well. Thank you! 2/23/03

Hi, I'm looking for lipsticks ORANGE RAGE & ORANGE BEAUTY unused. Also: looking for making eyes eyeshadows in shades of EMERALD, POLISHED JADE & VELVETY BLUE. approx 1975. also looking for perfume candles in Sonnett, Moonwind or Patchwork. Please contact Janice.
Good morning! I would like to remove an ad on page 3 (I believe) . Looking for scented candles and lipsticks fro the 70s. thank you! I had a pretty good response. Janice 2/12/03

25 Collectible Steins-Avon Cremate, numbered and dated. Will sell for $30.00 each. If purchased before the end of June, shipping, handling and insurance will be $8.80 Priority Mail for each stein sent anywhere in the United States. ( After July 1, US Postal Service will be raising their rates.) list attached including Current Market Value of each stein as listed in Bud Hastin's Guide. Great Opportunity for Collectors. Please contact Marian
Dear Rhonda, I have had an ad on your website for many months. The majority of the steins have been sold. Please delete the ad as it now appears. Your website has been very helpful. Thank you very much for such a good service. Marian Heisler LeRoy, New York 2/11/03

Wanted: 2002 Avon Christmas Plate. Thanks, Shirley.
Rhonda. Shirley bought the 2002 Christmas plate. We are still getting inquiries. Remove the ad. Thanks Allen Renish 2/6/03

I am looking for a 1983 Mrs. Claus to the Santa and Mrs. Claus creamer sugar set. So sad that Mrs. Claus broke!!!! Please contact Joanne
I have an ad on the website for a Mrs. Claus sugar bowl and would like to have it taken off. Thank you so much for your help! Within just a few days of placing the ad I received a response. Thank you again for your help! Joanne Cage 2/6/03

Collectible Avon for Sale. You may contact Pat.
Rhonda- I have sold all of the Avon items I listed on your site. The kids stuff sold readily through your site and I took all the rest to an auction. Thanks for being a good resource! Pat Strigel 1/28/03

Hi Rhonda! I've placed several ads with you already, and I'm very pleased with my results! One item I was looking for was the Hair Styling Spritz, which is discontinued, and now I have 6 new bottles! My hair is so happy! Also I was looking for Millennia, and I now have 10 new bottles! THANK YOU!!! I'm still hoping to receive more : ) Regards and thanks, Nancy 1/27/03

Am looking to buy the "Caucasian" version of the Mother Days plate collection for the year of 1995. Thank You, Shannon
First, let me thank you for assisting me in finding my item. I have recently found the Mother Day Plate I've been searching for through your site...Thanks again, Shannon 1/13/03

I'm looking for "Tempest" a discontinued Avon Men's Cologne. I have searched for over a year with no luck. I would love to surprise my Husband for Christmas. Hello, I have an Ad on your site that needs to be cancelled. My email address is:
and the ad is for TEMPEST. I have located this product and no longer need to run this ad. Thanks so much for a wonderful site.
Sincerely, Charlene Hanson 1/5/03

Cape Cod Red Dishes, service for 8, complete with serving pieces and napkin holders, over 125 pieces, asking $300.00, also Christmas plates dated 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979 & 1980, asking $70.00, please contact Karen.
We have sold the items listed in our ad. Please remove it from sale. We had listed red dishes and some Christmas plates. Thank you for your fine service. Karen Fisher 1/3/03

WANTED: Circa 1984 large silver arrowhead keychain, gold detail twine wrap around stem, 4 notches in arrowhead. In very good or better condition, no box necessary. Thanks! Brian
Hi Rhonda, I have found the keychain (actually 3 of them) that I had posted a wanted ad for on your website. I will no longer need the ad posted. Thanks for your assistance with helping me find these items. Best regards, Brian Shertz 12/12/02

Looking for Avon figurine.. Two little girls playing in the sand.. dressed in old fashion bathing suits, one has bucket... Can't remember name of it... maybe 'Sea shore memories' or like that. Please contact: Cathryn
Rhonda... I have been contacted by several with the item I have been looking for.'Summer Fun'.. You can take my ad off.. THANK YOU for you website. Cathryn Hansen 11/09/02

Looking for Victorian Memories Miniature Furniture Collectibles Living Room. Please email Barbara if you have and include price including shipping from 33351. I am so glad that I found your site. Within 24 hours of placing the ad I was contacted and a purchase made. Thanks again for a wonderful site. Barb 11/01/02

Dear *Rhonda*~ Thank You So Very Much For Getting Back To Me!! (I left part of your note, so you'd remember the subject) LOL ~I Sure Hope You Get To Feeling Better Real Soon!! I Know What A Pain It Is To Not Feel Well~
*Yes, Yes, You Are *INCREDIBLE*.........Thank You For Finding These Items For Me!!! I'll Write To The Addresses ASAP*
***Again, Thank You So Very Much...For Helping Me Out, & I Found *You*........With A Search....On A Whim That "Someone" Might Know About My Problem*** ~You're A Gem, Get Better Soon & Thank You Again~!! Sincerely, *Jazzy* 9/29/02

I am looking for three (3) specific dated Avon PEWTER Ornaments for the years 1994, 1996, and 1998. If you have any or all of these ornaments and are willing to sell them, please contact Linda
Hi Rhonda, I placed an ad in the listing last week looking for 1994, 1996 and 1998 Pewter Ornaments and later found that my cousin was also looking for a 1995. I didn't have time to search all of the ads that were in your listings, however, I did contact a few. Anyway, I just wanted you to know the $2 I spent on placing the ad was well worth it, and I had many wonderful people contact me with their costs as well as added information on them. I have purchased all of the ones I wanted, and I will DEFINITELY use your wonderful service again! Thanks SO much! --- Linda Tyson 9/27/02

Rhonda, I thought I'd let you know how wonderful this site is. We placed and ad on 9/18 and sold an item from the list already on 9/20 which I shipped today 9/21. Thanks very much for all you do for buyers and sellers of Avon collectibles!! Rose Bloom 9/21/02

I have 56 pieces of Cape Cod dinnerware and glasses that I would like to sell. This is an 8 piece setting which consists of 8 dinner plates, 8 dessert plates, 8 soup/cereal bowls, 8 cups & saucers, sugar bowl & creamer, 2 candle holders, salt & pepper shakers, wine decanter, 8 small wine glasses, 8 water glasses, 8 large goblet glasses and a serving bowl. Asking $800 plus shipping. I also have an extra sugar & creamer boxed for $15.00. If interested, please call Judith Bruce
Please remove the ad since I sold it shortly after I gave it to you. I really appreciate this and I might have a few more thing in the near future. Judith 9/21/02

Please HELP! I'm looking for a 1982 Humpty Dumpty Coin Bank. This was a gift to my brother when we were very little. It sat beside my Brama Bull bank on the top shelf in our grandparents office. When we went to visit, Grandfather would place us on his shoulders so we could drop our coins in our banks. In 1986 the office building collapsed. The banks were destroyed. We found a Brama bank to replace mine but no matter how many Junk Shops, antique malls, Avon Rep auctions, we've never came across another Humpty Dumpty. In fact the only other one I've ever seen sits in my Mother-in-law's house. It was a gift to her and she refuses to part with it. I'm willing to pay top dollar for this coin bank if someone can help me locate one. email Jessy if you can help
Rhonda could you please remove my ad. I have a buyers ad for a 1982 Humpty Dumpty bank it is on page 2. I would like to have the ad removed. I have purchased two (one for my brother and one for his daughter) due to the ad and I'm very grateful it paid off. Thank you, Jessica 9/21/02

Looking for full size Carmichael the cat plush from 1984/1985. Was first toy purchased for my daughter. Please help!! Angel
I just wanted to let you know that Rose Bloom helped my find a Carmichael plush cat that I have been looking for for many years. Her service was excellent and Carmichael arrived safe and sound. I am a very satisfied customer!!!! Angel 5/05/02

Looking to Buy "Black Leather" cologne or after shave. Not looking for any collectables, just want the product for my husband to use. Please contact Deborah
Sorry it took me awhile to get back with you. Yes, you may delete my ad. I had wonderful results!!! It was amazing!!! My Avon representative had tried really hard to get us more Black Leather, which was discontinued, but she had no luck in finding any. I couldn't believe all the responses I had from my ad.....I still have people contacting me about this..and I'm still purchasing my husband's favorite cologne. Thank You so much!! Do I need to go to the website to post my remarks? Please let me know and Thank YOU so much, Debbie Sells 4/30/02

I am looking for the 1993 Santa figurine. There were only 3 years which these were made. 93, 94 & 95. I missed the 1993, and would like to have the set. Thanks, Kathleen
I found the item I was looking for. Remove the ad. Thanks, Kathleen 4/25/02

Looking to buy: ***White Porcelain Nativity Piece : Cow I also have a donkey to sell. Please contact Donna
Please delete my ad - item found! Thank you! 4/24/02

Looking for the Avon collectible stein "Postal Service". Please contact Trish
Hi, Please remove my ad as I have found the stein I was looking for. Thank you! Trish Arlet 4/24/02

I am searching for the little Nativity Scene/Holy Family figurines that came out in the early 90s (probably 1991 or 1992). They were little hard rubber figurines. Mary was in pink, Joseph in blue, baby Jesus, and I think some little sheep. My mother had bought this for my daughter and we've lost it. She loved that little set and I would like to be able to replace it. Thanks, Karen.
Someone came through and I now have a complete set of the little Avon nativity scene. Thanks so much for your help! Karen Ciambrone 4/24/02

I am looking for a pewter keyring of a catcher's mitt with a baseball inside. A friend purchased it for her nephew and he lost it. She would like to get another one for him for Christmas this year. She thinks it was from 2-3 years ago but may be as far back as 1995. Also, I am looking for a Cherished Teddie that came out earlier this year. He has a little bean bag body and a ceramic head. They came in three different colors and the color I need is green. If anyone can help me out with these two items, I would surely appreciate it.
Rhonda, It is okay to go ahead and remove my add. Your website was a blessing as I was able to find both of the articles I was looking for. I'm glad you are there for us and I won't hesitate to use you again if I need to. Thanks, Cathy 4/23/02


Dear Rhonda: Thank you so much for running my ad's on your website. At this time as I don't have much left on those lists that is available, would you please remove all of my ad's. It would be all of the ad's under the email name of . I appreciate all of your help with this, and sales have gone well. Thanks again. Laurie Turk 4/17/2002.

I've been looking for the Avon countdown to Christmas Cloth Calendar. Avon Bargains found one for me and promises to keep looking for another. Out of all the people I requested information from, they were the only ones that responded to me. Thanks for the referral. The product arrived just as I had requested! 4/16/02

Hi, Your site attracts so many visitors to my link, its astounding what good value you give for one's advertising dollar. I believe the link provides me with at least 4 new visitors to that website alone, daily. Thanks, Rhonda! Vee 4/12/02

Would like to buy a white milk glass Avon bottle with a round base with a gold band above the base, with a pair of hands holding a round bottle 3-5 inches tall with a rounded stopper in the top. Please contact Sallie (POSTED ON 3/29/02)
Dear Rhonda, Thank you for your note. I have found the bottle. Thanks so much for your help. I have had several emails regarding the bottle. Lots of good coverage. Sallie Flannigan 04/02/02

Have many pieces of Avon Ruby Red Cape Cod pieces. Plates, Bowls, Mugs, Goblets, Wine glasses, and gravy boats. No boxes. If interested in any of these pieces, please contact Barbara
Dear Rhonda, I need you to take the ad out and cancel it. I just sold all of what I had to a person who saw the ad... thankyou for your help.. Barbara Henderson 3/17/02

Hi Rhonda, I wanted to write to let you know of the wonderful service I received from Vee Manhas. I had desperately been searching for a discontinued Avon lipcolor for some time now, and happened upon your Avon board, and found a link to Vee. I sent her an e-mail asking if she had it, and she quickly responded saying she had it in stock. Not only did she ship it promptly, but she was a pleasure to deal with. She was so pleasant, and she e-mailed me telling me when it shipped, and also followed up with me to see if it had arrived. I will definitely continue purchasing from her. Thank you, Nancy 3/17/02

Hi! I wrote to you about 4-5 months ago searching for Personally Yours Birthstone Cologne and wanted to let you know, that with your help, I was able to locate some. I ordered and received three bottles from I'm pretty sure that was one of the addresses you gave me. Well, I want to thank you SOOOOO MUCH! I love that perfume and now I can wear it again! Thank you! Michelle 3/13/02

You can take my add off for the 1999 Mothers Day Plate as I did find 1 thru someone using this site-----Thanks. Sue: 3/13/02

Rhonda, I want to thank you for your wonderful website -- I was successful in purchasing the soap-on-a-rope thru Ms Bloom. It was great to see it arrive in "mint" condition. My son's fiance will be, Oh so, SURPRISED ! ! As when they were children, he smashed hers, and not years later -- is replacing it. He plans on giving it to her at their wedding reception. Thanks again. 3/11/02

Hi...Just to let you know my search has been very successful for Rapture! Several people emailed me and offered may items I was looking for! Thanks to everyone! Kath 2/26/02

Want to buy Avon Christmas Santa Claus Creamer, 1983. Please contact Preston Rhonda, Your site was instrumental in my locating the Santa Creamer, Thank You .
Feel free to post a success story and please remove my request from your list. Thanks, E. P. Johnston 2/8/02

My 5 year old daughter needs to replace her Play 'n Record Bunny from Avon's Easter collection in 1997. Please help... If you can help, please contact Marcia
Rhonda, I'm sorry for not responding to my ad, but I do have a success story. After placing my ad on, I received the most sought out item that I thought was impossible to receive. An AVON Representative, Susan in California, was a life saver and my daughter is now a happy camper again. Thank you for creating this wonderful website and I will continue to tell my family, friends and co-workers about Marcia P.S. Thank you Susan in California. 01/12/02

I am looking for the cow figurine that goes to the "White Nativity"...please advise re: availability and asking price. Please contact Ellen.
Rhonda~~Thanks for reminding me about the ad asking for the Avon Nativity Cow....yes, you may delete the whole ad...I am happy to say that I located and purchased the cow for my (Avon) customer, and better yet, was able to locate 2 other pieces to the collection which she also purchased...if I need to post these comments elsewhere for my "success story" please let me know (I am new at this)...thanks, again and happy holidays! Ellen :) 01/12/02

Looking to buy Barbie Collectibles - African American: Winter Splendor and Snow Sensation
Please remove my ad. I found both dolls through the site. Thank you, Debra 01/12/02

Variety of Cape Cod Avon Glass For Sale. Includes: Vase, Pitcher, Decanter, Cruet, Salt & Pepper, Cream & Sugar, Relish Dish, 8 Mugs w/handles, 8 Wines, 6 Dessert Plates
Good morning Rhonda, what an amazing little ad. I have had great success . Here's what's left. Cruet, salt & peppers, cream & sugar, decanter and 6 dessert plates. It's just amazing how the inquiries just pop up every so often. Thanks and happy holidays. Elaine 01/12/02

I am in need of September and December Precious moments mini tea pots. My granddaughter needs them to complete the ones I have bought her for the year. Thanking you in advance if anyone can help me. Please contact Sandra
Rhonda: Someone from Canada is sending me the teapots. Thanks alot for your help. This is a great site. Thanks again. Sandy 01/12/02

Dear Rhonda, Thanks for your concern. I was dealing with Vee of Avon Exclusives, so everything was handled with concern and expediency - and love! She and Rose Bloom are just the best! I am going to be looking for a source of Pearls and Lace, hopefully a gift set, sometime closer to the middle of the year, so I will be in touch again. Check going out today for the glasses listing. Have a wonderful new year's eve! Angel 12/28/01

I am searching for a plush avon cat. I believe his name is Carmichael and is about a 1984 item. He is about 16" tall, a tannish color with stripes. He has white paws, belly and face. Contact me if you are interested in selling! Or have any information about him!! Dagny
Hi! I've had an ad up on your site for a plush Carmichael for some time now and I have had much success. I bought in a MIB Carmichael and am now purchasing an "Out of the box" one so my daughter can play with it. Thank you so much. Your site is awesome. Thanks! Dagny Nogy 12/16/01

Want To Buy...ANY of the Avon Anniversary Rose Stemware that was a representative incentive for the 90th anniversary in 1975. This was an exclusive set available only to Canadian representatives in Campaign 6. My mother was a rep and left me pieces of this lovely set when she died - I would like to complete it as much as possible. PLEASE let me know if you have any available!! You may contact Carolyn. Thanks Rhonda - you can remove my ad from the website - Clara Poberznick of Lethbridge Alberta came through for me in a VERY big way!! She sold me her own crystal so that I may finish my mother's set. She packaged them SO carefully and shipped them off to my sister - not one problem. She's terrific and so are you!! Thanks for everything!! Ryn Fernandez 12/14/01

Wanted to buy: Avon double books with the peanuts characters (Charlie Brown, Snoopy, etc.). I believe they were published in the late 60's and early 70's by AVON. Any help with locating any of these books will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Kandy.
Please remove my ad from your site. I found the books that I was looking for Kandy 12/14/01

Looking for Avon Christmas plates, (1) each, 1996 & 1998, to replace same, damaged in move. Must be MIB, (no games: broken plates). To be shipped to eastern PA.
You posted my "wanted to buy" ad on 12/10. I found exactly what I was looking for, and it is only 7 o'clock on the evening of 12/11. That includes back-and-forth messages to work out shipping, etc. After spending two weeks of unsuccessful trying on my own to find these items, it was well worth the $2 fee to post my ad. 12/11/01

We have lost my daughter's 1986 Baby's First Christmas ornament in a move. Am looking to buy a replacement. Thanks. Hi Rhonda, I cannot believe how fast I found what I was looking for. You can remove my ad for the 1986 Baby's First Christmas Ornament. Thank you so much. 12/10/01

Please help I have a very good friend who ordered the precious moments miniature tea pots. She received all of them except the January one. They were sold in the campaign 1,2000 book. I am an Avon Rep and I'm trying to restore her faith in Avon and also surprise her for her birthday. If any one has the January tea pot and would like to sell it please contact me Thank You, Linda Rhonda I want to thank you for your wonderful site. I posted an add for the precious moments tea pot ( January) and had a reply with in a week. I gave the tea pot to a good friend who was looking for it and she was speechless. The look on her face was priceless. Thanks again for your wonderful site and to all the people who responded. Linda Roberts 11/19/01

I am looking to buy 3 silver chess pieces that I broke. I bought the whole chess set from Avon years ago when they were filled with after shave lotion. I need 2 ponds and one king piece, they are all silver bottoms with dark brown plastic tops.
Hi Rhonda I just wanted to let you know that I got an answer to my Ad about the chess pieces and I plan to send for them A.S.A.P. I also got another reply for one piece (the King), but I told her that I did not need it now, therefore you can delete my Ad and I think you should have received my check by now. Thank you soooo much!!! Beverly 7/13/01 Ad posted on 7/11/01 ~ Reply received NEXT DAY !!

Looking for an Avon marquise shaped blue topaz ring that was available approx. 2 years ago. This stone sits up high on a silver band (not wide) with a single cutout on the band on either side of the stone. I believe it was last offered in an Avon outlet booklet around Aug. 2000. Please email Beth
Hi Rhonda! I have finally found my sterling silver blue topaz ring. I wanted you to know so you can remove my ad. Many thanks for all you have done. I also have had a lady ask me what she could do with all of her old Avon stuff! Needless to say, I am putting her onto your website! You're a gem! Beth Locke 7/18/01

Want to Buy. Wine Glasses, issued in the late 90's. These have Hebrew letters around the rim (a Sabbath Blessing). Came in sets of 2.
I posted my ad on the 12th. On that same day I received a reply from Vee, the wonderful person at Avon Exclusives, who had a mint condition set of goblets which I have already snapped up. Then yesterday, the 19th, I heard from another lovely individual, Rose Bloom who also has crystal for me. Between these two gracious women I will have enough crystal goblets. Thank you, and please mark my request "answered" and remove it so another can enjoy similar joyful responses. Thank you, too, for this site. Be assured that I will recommend this site to EVERYONE! Angelique 7/18/01

Want to buy 1 watch the box indicates the following as the name: "Crystal Heart Shaped Blue Watch" I think I bought it in 2000 although the box indicates 1999 Avon-All Rights Reserved. I lost it after wearing it twice. Please contact Mary
I owe a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Tabytha @ Avon Exclusives in Canada. I am proudly wearing The Crystal Heart Shaped Blue Watch that I obtained from them again today. I had worn the one I lost probably twice. Thanks a BUNCH!!! Mary Z 7/18/01

I am looking for a pair of heart shaped earrings made by avon a few years back. They have some kind of stones that are a burgundy in color. I had a pair and lost one. They were given to me by my late father. If you can help, please contact Debra
Hi. I placed an ad looking for a pair of earrings. I have found them. a real nice lady had them and gave them to me! So if you would, just remove the ad. thank you so much for your site. this has ended a long and hard search thanks to you. Debra yelton 7/18/01

Hello I like your site. It is very well layed out format. You can tell it it took time to set up. Well you see, i sell avon. I started to sell about 9 years ago. Sold for 5 years, then quiet. But as you know i had to come back. So i am on my out selling again. The good things in life always come back to you. My manager is Ronnie Colins. She works out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.Canada Well time to stop. Again it is nice to see an Avon Site like this. Susan 7/17/01

Rhonda thank you for having this website. I am a new Avon Representative. I had to search for some no longer available perfume for a customer of mine. I was able to find it by checking your web site. I found someone who was able to help me. Her name is Rose Bloom ( She was very helpful in finding the two perfumes that I needed. She had these two products. I was able to purchase them from her. She has been looking for some other things for me as well. She has been very helpful. I was pleased with the product and the transaction that was made. If I need anything else I will be sure to look on this web site first. Thank you again for your help, Angie Newell 7/17/01

Looking for Country Fruit Collection (dinnerware set), by Julie Pople. This was sold approx. 3 years ago. Had dishes, cups, platters, bowls, etc. Would like to purchase another set. Please contact Mary Ann
Please remove my ad. I received a reply and merchandise should be arriving in about a week. Thank you. Mary Ann 4/8/01

I have inherited a huge collection from my grandmother, and unfortunately must sell it. I have listed prices, but they are extremely negotiable. Make an offer - I can't refuse! Amy
Thank you so much for all your help! I've now sold all of my AVON collection, and thought I should let you know...But, if you ever need a testimonial, please just let me know. Your site was a big help and I would be glad to give you my highest recommendation! Fondly, Amy Bowers 3/28/01

I am looking to buy Heavenly Blessings: boy angel.
I want to change my ads. I have one in BUY and and one in SELL. Please delete the one in BUY as I found what I was looking for. Thank you. Jan 2/27/01

I am looking for some pieces of the Heavenly Blessings Children's nativity. I got some pieces for my nieces before they were discontinued, and would like to try to complete the set. I already have the Holy Family, an angel, a drummer boy, a donkey and a sheep with lamb. I am especially interested in getting all three wise men and the camel, together if possible. Also, I don't know what other pieces are available, so would be interested in a list of all the pieces with pictures if possible. Please email Debbie
Rhonda, thank you so much for having this site. I got all of the Heavenly Blessings Nativity set pieces that I needed, and for a good price (they're going for a lot more on ebay). So, you can take my ad off any time that it's convenient for you. The last pieces are coming in the mail probably this week. Again, thanks for this site. Debbie Montgomery 2/20/01

Mrs. Albee Figurines For Sale:
* Mini 1986 $25 * Mini 1989 $25 *Mini 1990 $25 * Mini 1996 with dome $25 * Mrs Albee 1991 through 1996 $55 each
Barbie Mrs. PFE Albee, purple dress 1997 $55 Please contact Lorraine
Hi Rhonda: Page 2 of Want to Sell Ads: Please delete "Mrs Albee Figurines" and the 3 lines following that title. ALL albees are now sold. THANK YOU!! Joyce/Lorraine 1/27/01

Hi. This is way past due. I need to thank several people for helping me to locate several items. About a year ago, it was a pair of earrings called "SWEET VIOLETS" that I had been trying to locate for more than 27 years. More recently, it was an AVON piggy bank called "HUMPTY DUMPTY" that had belonged to my son when he was little & then passed down to his daughter. She dropped it on her first trip to the bank to open her savings account. Then there are the ornaments that disappeared during my son's move this past year. His "MUSICAL LIGHT UP SNOWMAN", which has been located, "SEBASTIAN", from the Little Mermaid and 3 "VICTORIAN ANGEL BIRTHSTONE ORNAMENTS". We have yet to locate the Angel ornaments and Sebastian, but I have high hopes that we will. I wish to thank everyone who helped me to find these items. A special thank you to Rhonda for starting this website. Without it, I for one, would never have found these very important items of my past. So....THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Dee 1/10/01

I would like to extend a great big heartfelt thank you to Clara Poberznick of Lethbridge Alberta, Canada. I met Clara through this wonderful site and she was able to help me replace my Avon Heavenly Blessings Nativity. I had been given this complete Nativity as a young girl and to my heartbreak it was lost in a flood a few years ago.

I would like to purchase Pretty Peach Cologne Mist Soda with straws intact. Please contact Susan
Hi, thank you so much, I was able to obtain the avon pretty peach soda fountain perfume bottle thru this site. I really appreciate it. My ad can be deleted now. Thank you for the time you spend on maintaining this site, I've gotten great results from my ad. Have a happy and healthy new year! Sue Price 12/28/00

Just wanted to let you know that I have sold some of the items from my ad. You can remove all of the blue dishes and the shepherd and the shepherd boy. Thank you for having this web site. Carol Mampe 12/24/00

My name is Debbie and I am looking for the 1989 "Baby's First Christmas". My daughter lost her most cherished ornament and cried last night as we put up our tree and decorated it because we could not find her "first" ornament. I am desperate to find this ornament. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You may contact Debbie
Hello Rhonda, Thank you so much for your wonderful Avon site:) I had three people respond to me concering my daughter Mallory's Christmas ornament:) I have one in the mail, on it's way to me right now, I think it's safe to say it's ok to take the ad off the web site. I've saved the other e-mail addresses in case this doesn't work out. I can't thank you enough for all your help and your wonderful site :) Have a super Holiday Season Rhonda......and thank you again.Warmest Regards, ~debbie jock~ 12/19/00

Wanting to buy a 1991 "Our First Christmas" ornament. Please e-mail Paul.
Hi Rhonda---- Was contacted by Mr. Paul Sanchez and He has told me that He will take the Ornament. Thank's for the "connecting" on your part. HAVE A GREAT DAY !!!! Darrell 12/9/00
Rhonda, I did contact Darrell regarding the ornament I was looking for and he will be shipping it to me soon, thanks mostly to you. Your website is great. Keep up the good work. I will keep you in mind when I am looking for more collectibles. Have a great holiday. Paul Sanchez 12/8/00

Wanted: February Calendar Magnet ~ Birdhouse. Thanks, Rhonda Barr
Hello. I had put a request for a birdhouse magnet. I got one from one of your subscribers. Thanks so much, Rhonda Barr. 12/12/00

Hi there! Just started poking around again and I like what you've done to the site!! It is easier to read and easier to get around in. I am still looking for the 1998 Canadian Christmas plate but have pretty much given up!! Just thought I'd let you know some positive response! Thank you!! Bye for now.............Sharon 11/22/00

Hi Rhonda, My goodness it is on the exact same page in my 16th Edition and it is the decanter that I was looking for. Thank you for all your help. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Linda 11/16/00

Please remove the first sentence of this add. Thanks to you ALL remaining large Albees and mini Albees have been sold! Many thanks! Marcie 11/10/00

Rhonda, Good news.....I got a response from Rudy Henke on having a plate. We got all of the details worked out and I received the plate last week. I saw my mother over the weekend and gave it to her. She was so surprised to have a replacement of a Christmas plate she ordered in 1988. She did say she was not putting it in the same place as the old one. Thank you for such a wonderful site. I let everyone in my family know that if they ever wanted something from way back when from Avon, this was the place to look. Thanks again, Marcey Gurtner 10/13/00

I want to let you know that I found the things I was looking for ~ the 2 teddy bears magnets and the 12 days of Christmas ornaments. Thank You Marlene Butler 10/9/00

I am in desperate search for an Avon item sold about 3 years ago. It is a photo frame that you could record a message to a loved one. I have a friend whose son has brain cancer. At the hospital she mentioned she regrets not having a video or recording of his saying "Mom, I Love You". I want to fulfill that wish for her. If anyone knows the manufacturer that made that from Avon, has an unused frame or any lead to finding one similar, I would greatly appreciate your help. Of course time is an issue, so a quick response would be helpful. Thank You! Barbara
Rhonda Thank-you for your help. Please tell everyone how much I appreciate the immense response. God Bless You All!!! I am ordering one from one of the responses. Thanks Again! Barbara 8/17/00

Dear Rhonda, I'd like to sincerely thank you for your advice about the book. My mother will be ecstatic!!! I had no idea it would be so easy to find that out. I appreciate that you got back to me so promptly as well. She'll be excited that I'll have news for her when I get home from work today!!! Once again, thank you again. I'll look you up again if I have any more questions like that!!! Sincerely, Jennifer H. 8/2/00

I was able to complete my Heavenly Blessings collection thanks to Clara Poberznick. I purchased the last two missing pieces through her. They were in great shape and were securely packed. Shipping took a little longer from Canada - no fault of hers. She was very accommodating and took an American check. Thank you! Faun Guarino Long Island, NY 7/24/00

Am desperately looking for Avon hummingbird HURRICANE lamp, mine was broken. Please contact Billie with your price for this item. Thanks
I found the lamp, have purchased it! Thank you for your help in ending a search that has gone on for 14 years! Billie 7/24/00

Wanting to purchase Avon Hummingbird crystalware. I am eagerly searching for the following pieces: 2 dinnerplates and 5 cups and saucers. Preferably with their box. Please let me know if anyone out there knows where I can find them. Please contact Glenda
Dear Rhonda, I want to thank you for your terrrific site. I have completed my hummingbird collection that has taken me years to locate. The people that have responded to me have been courteous and helpful. Thanks a bunch. 7/24/00

Looking for a Snowman Musical Snowglobe - this was out about 2 - 3 years ago. Does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks! Please contact Michelle
Rhonda, I found the item I was looking for - the Snowman Musical Snowglobe. Thanks, Michelle 7/24/00

Thanks to your site, I was able to hook up with Charlotte Hartwein who sold me a piece from the Heavenly Blessings Collection. It was well packed and well kept. And it makes me one step closer to completing my collection. Thank you! Faun Guarino Long Island, NY 7/23/00

Hi Rhonda! I wanted to let you know that you can remove 3 things from my ad as they have all sold in the last few weeks. Hopefully, I can contact you in a few weeks to update my ad further! Your site is a great resource! Thanks. Diane 7/23/00

I discovered your site a few weeks ago while I was on vacation. I had started collecting Avon's Heavenly Blessings nativity when it first came out. I purchased a figure from each new book. Before I could purchase the animals, they no longer sold the series. For thirteen years I've checked garage sales, thrift shops and antique shows (I even had a friend who was a VP at Avon try to find it in their warehouse). Thanks to your site, I found Jane Orne who sold me the camel at a fair price. It arrived today in beautiful condition, very well packaged for the trip. I am awaiting purchases from other people I've "met" through your site. Thank you for a great service!! Yours truly, Faun Guarino 7/12/00

Hello Rhonda, I have a success story for you! Recently I had an ad placed and within a week I was matched up with a wonderful lady who just happened to have everything I needed mint in box! We have since completed the transaction but are keeping in touch since we both discovered we lived just one Province over from each other here in Canada. Many thanks to Marilyn and her wonderful emails and her Avon collection I needed. Thank you also Rhonda, for this wonderful service you provide on the WWW!! Regards, Denise 5/6/00

I am looking for Avon President Club award Mrs Albee for the year 1973 . I would have all of them, if I could find this one. Please email Rickey
Dear Rhonda, Thank you for the update on the Avon site. I have found everything I have looked for on this site, I am extremely happy with your efforts. Therefore, please remove my ad for the Mrs Albees as I have found them all. Sincerely, Rickey Caton 5/6/00

Wanted: Now that I'm in my mid-fifties, am engaged in "looking back." Making a three-dimensional collage of my life. Looking for a small jar of To A Wild Rose cream perfume that I used to wear in high school. Please contact Kat
Rhonda, Thanks for the news about your new search engine, and for reminding me of my Avon ad. I have received a lot of replies, and one person even offered to send me free, a bottle of To a Wild Rose cream sachet! You can remove my ad was very successful! I'll be visiting your site again soon. Kat Stewart 5/6/00

I am looking for a stuffed Avon doll named Petie (Petey) the Elf. It was made around 1989-90 or so. It has red pajamas, pink "skin", pointy red and green striped hat, and holds a satin star that plays "Twinkle, Twinkle". If you do have him or have ideas of where I could find him, please email Tina
Rhonda, You can cancel my ad. It worked well for me and I found what I was looking for. Thanks for the help. :) Tina 5/6/00

Rhonda, Hi I finally have a success story. I have sold 2 Avon's since I have been on your site. I sold a child's scrub mug to a man in MA. I also have sold The Whaler to a man in New Jersey, we both came away happy. Thanks, Dan 5/6/00

WANTED: I am looking for Avon Collagen Booster Line Controlling Lotion, If you have this please let me know the condition and the amount you want for it. Thanks Debbie
Hi Rhonda, could you remove my "Wanted: Collagen booster" ad I have found all of the items I have been looking for and I would like to thank you and also "Darrell" who helped me find many items. Thanks for the GREAT site. Debbie 4/13/00

I discovered your site many months ago. I sell avon on ebay and amazon. I have visted your site many times. I also buy a lot of avon off of my ad that runs at the bottom of my auctions. I refer many people to your site, if I do not have what they want or they want to sell their collection and we can not reach an agreement on price. I have also bought collections and contacted people from your site to try and buy their collections. Your site is a good source for many people!! Keep up the good work!! Alice 4/13/00

Dear Rhonda, Thanks for your e-mail. Just yesterday I went and checked on my ad and did some window shopping. You have made some BEAUTIFUL changes! In a few days I most likely will be e-mailing you with a couple of items to remove but not quite yet. I just wanted to tell you how really NICE your web site is! Have a nice weekend also! Barbara 4/13/00

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