Skin So Soft Soft & Sensual (pink) items and an AVON secret!

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Long ago a customer said she had smelled the Soft & Sensual fragrance in a friend's bathroom and it smelled exactly like her favorite designer perfume. She wanted to buy one of everything AVON had in that fragrance. I think the fragrance is different since Avon added Argan Oil to the products. Use these words to search for something in the older Avon Soft & Sensual fragrance on

bar soap
bath beads
bath flakes
bath oil
bath powder
bath souffle
body conditioner
body lotion
body moisturizer
body oil
body polish
body scrub
body serum
body souffle
body spray
body wash
body wash cloths
decorative soap
dual phase foam bath
foot soak
foot spray
hand buffer
hand lotion
hand mask
hand rescue balm
hand treatment
liquid hand soap
nail cream
roll on deodorant
rough spot body stick
sheer radiance
shower gel
skin serum
Try one and you'll give up your current favorite fragrance!

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