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2005 Christmas items

I have the Avon 2005 Christmas Plate and the 2005 Collectible Christmas pin for sale at

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Mini Carmichael the Cat

Can you help me find a small Carmichael Cat from Avon?
He was my son's favorite toy. I'd like to find one. It was from approximately 1982.
Joan Crinite

Joan Crinite
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Reduced Shipping Charges!!

We reduced shipping charges on 500 more items, and if you live within 500 miles of San Francisco, you can take advantage of the new USMail Regional Priority Mail to save on postage! You might want to look at your favorite items again!

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Discontinued products from early in 2006

There are now about 200 items from early in 2006, some from Avon Outlet catalogs, that are available for purchase at

If there is ANYTHING, that you're looking for, that's been discontinued by Avon during the past 40 years, JUST ASK US!

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