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Just in time for Christmas! ... Women's Fragrance Samples

Just in time for Christmas! Original mint condition boxes of samples of discontinued Avon products. Perfect for stocking stuffers or travelling. You'd have to buy ALL of them to go over your 3 oz limit for going through airport security! Buy them at Desley.net All products shipped within 2 business days with delivery confirmation included (for US addresses) at no extra cost. We ship to Canada for the same price. Insurance is an extra 1.35

Rose Bloom
El Sobrante, California
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Success Stories

 Mariann Bricker of Illinois sold ALL of her Representative awards from her ad on icollectavon.net

If you have a Success Story to report or would like to recognize a specific individual for their assistance, please feel free to advise me at rosebloom@icollectavon.net.

Success for Desley.net:
GREAT STUFF.....have been looking for Avon American Classic and Brisk Spice for a long time. Thanks for providing them. 

Success for Desley.net:
Hello...Just wanted to let you know that I rec'd this yesterday . . .Thanks!

Success for Desley.net:
I got them a couple days ago...thank you very much, I have them on as we speak!

Success for Desley.net:
I recieved my order. It is beautiful and just what I hoped it would be. It's been delightful doing business with you--I hope to visit again!....Joy

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Occur Cologne (preferrably spray)

I am looking for are Occur Cologne for a local customer. Contact staff@desley.net.

Rose Bloom
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Price Guides and Books About Avon

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Warm-O-Tray Trademark PM model #50 - Help Identify

To all of you amateur detectives, we need help identifying this Avon collectible. Our best guess is that it was some kind of Avon reward from the 1970's, but you may know more than us. Warm-O-Tray Trademark PM model #50. On the front of the tray it says “Site of original California Perfume Co, Suffern, NY circa 1886.”

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Many, many, many discontinued Avon items are available at www.desley.net

Many, many, many discontinued Avon items are available at Desley.net. Just click on a link below to view the items in that category. All products are in mint condition, unopenned stock, stored in a clean, climate control location. These items are in stock and are not drop-shipped from other vendors. Items are shipped within 24 hours with delivery confirmation. We accept PayPal and Check/Money order.

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