Miniature Avon Bottles!!!

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Here's a wonderful collection of Avon bottles that carried .25 to 1 oz of fragrance. I would like to sell these for $1.00 each plus shipping.

In photo one there is:
Elusive 4ml (full), Unforgettable .5oz filled, Rapture Perfume .5 fl oz. (full), Bow Tie Perfume 1970 1/8 oz. (empty but contained Cotillion), Precious Slipper .25 oz Sonnet (mostly empty), Emprise Ultra Purse concentrate rollette (empty), Cologne Go Round 1980 filled with Field Flowers cologne .5oz (filled),

2nd Photo: Hana Gasa Cologne .5 fl oz, (Full), Hana Gasa Perfume Rollette.33 fl oz. (mostly empty) Charisma Cologne .5 fl oz (Empty), Snowman Petite .25 Fl oz Cotillion Perfume. This still has a box in good condition, 1/2 filled w/ perfume. Tie about the snowman's neck has lost it's elasticity, Zany Cologne .33 fl oz (1/2 full), Bird of Paradise Cologne .5 fl oz (3/4 full). Small Wonder Bird of Paradise Perfume 1/8 fl oz. Decanter is full and box is in good shape. Elusive (pink bottle has small dots of paint remove).5 oz (partially filled), Starring Perfume .13 fl oz (full),

Mary L Reed
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