Many Barney the Dinosaur items on

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There are many Barney the Dinosaur items on including:
Barney & Friends Books
Barney Easter 3 book set
Barney Go To Books Set of Five
Colorform Barney Birthday Party Playset
Video - "Come On Over to Barney's House"
Video - Barney's "You Can Be Anything"
Video "Sing & Dance with Barney"
VIDEO Classic Collection "Barney's Halloween Party"
Video: "Be My Valentine Love, Barney" (ISBN 1571325330)
Video: Barney "Best Manners Your Invitation to Fun"
Video: Barney - Families are Special
Video: Barney in Concert
Video: Barney Let's Pretend
Video: Barney Talent Show
Video: Barney's 1234 Seasons
Video: Barney's Best Manners
Video: Barney's Christmas Star [VHS Tape] (2002)
Video: More Barney Songs [VHS Tape] (1999) in clamshell case from Lyrick Studios
These are all MINT condition, New Old Stock, purchased directly from Avon during the time when they were in the Avon brochure. They have been stored very carefully in a climate controlled non-smoking area. Many of them are not available anywhere else that we know of in NEW condition. If someone in your family is nuts about Barney, you might want to get one or more of these for a Christmas gift.

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