is online with G7 coffee!!

The answer you entered to the math problem is incorrect. is now selling G7 3in1 instant coffee made from Arabica beans grown in Vietnam and packaged in one cup sachet style packets.
This is the only other coffee made from the same process as Starbucks.
Prices from the company in Vietnam seem to increase frequently but currently they are selling
a bag of 20 packets for $12.35 (Approx. 32¢ per serving)
The price includes shipping. is charging the same price as the Trung Nguyen website and less than any other merchant online.

After you fall in love with this coffee, and are buying more than one pack of 20 at a time,
the price will be adjusted according to the weight of your order. has some in stock has some ready to ship.

I LOVE this stuff and add 8 oz rather than the suggested 6 oz for an equally delicious cup of coffee.

If you want to just try one packet for a heavenly cup of coffee right away, the price is $1.35 payable by PayPal if you are verified and confirmed with them. All orders are shipped on the next business day.
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