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Titlesort iconCategoryType of AdRegionPosted ByLast Updated
Avon 1937 Witch HazelMLReed2017-06-07 23:04
Avon 1938 Powder PaletteMLReed2017-05-19 09:26
Beautiful, collectable, Regency Candle stick holders (cut glass crystal look)Donna Jean2009-03-28 14:27
Stylish Avon vintage JewerlyDonna Jean2009-03-28 14:28
'56 triumph TR3 DecanterMarlene2012-07-07 10:54
'64 Mustang DecanterMarlene2012-07-07 10:57
'65 Corvette StingrayMarlene2012-07-07 10:56
'68 Porsche decanterMarlene2012-07-07 10:55
100 new items from the year 1990 now have pictures on www.desley.netadmin2017-02-25 14:25
1000 discontinued Avon items from 2007admin2009-09-07 09:33
1970's campaign booksavontogo2012-07-07 10:22
1998 Rose Circle TributeMLReed2017-10-31 16:04
200+ AVON fragrances for women!admin2011-07-14 12:29
2002 AVON PRODUCTS you might have missed out on!admin2009-04-09 17:13
2005 Christmas itemsadmin2007-04-23 19:10
250 new items from 2010 on desley.netadmin2014-12-25 21:15
2nd list of items for sale! All MIB, unless described otherwise. Shipped by Priority Mail or 1st Class. (click here for more)admin2013-05-11 10:13
36 THOMAS KINKADE items - all unopenned mint condition stockadmin2014-12-25 21:10
50 Avon items for sale! All MIB, unless described otherwise. Shipped by Priority Mail or First Class. (click here for more)admin2013-04-04 22:44
50 Year Avon collectionJamison Carr2012-04-23 19:34
70's Collectible Cars and Other Fragrance Bottles--most with GOOD boxes.Karott2012-07-07 09:58
All Avon Mrs Albee figureiunes complete set from 1976Rickey Caton2012-07-07 09:59
Almost ALL of the 136 Avon Sawyers items listed for sale at have reduced shipping TODAY!admin2017-02-28 18:59
Anyone out there have some older Avon brochures or the older general catalogs?admin2015-11-05 12:48
Are you looking for a discontinued Avon lipstick color?admin2007-11-11 05:55
Are you interested in obtaining a book to help you price your collection?admin2017-03-16 15:50
Are you interested in obtaining a book to help you price your collection?admin2017-03-16 15:48
Are you looking for anything from the AVON PLANET SPA line???admin2015-12-12 08:40
Are you still looking for Rare Rubies? This VHTF discontinued fragrance is available here!!admin2012-12-05 17:20
August 2008 things people have been asking for!admin2009-03-01 19:27
Avon - A Celebration of Beauty Book (1986)Rose Bloom2006-08-27 11:00
Avon 1930-34 Tissue CreamMLReed2017-05-06 12:40
Avon 1930-36 Manicure SetMLReed2017-05-06 12:46
Avon 1930-36 Talc for Men & Avon 1931-36 Smokers Tooth PowderMLReed2017-05-12 06:18
Avon 1931 Pine Bath SaltsMLReed2017-05-12 06:23
Avon 1931-33 Vernafleur PerfumeMLReed2017-05-12 06:28
Avon 1933-36 Vernafleur Face PowderMLReed2017-05-06 12:45
Avon 1934 Perfection Brown ColoringMLReed2017-05-12 08:19
Avon 1934-36 Gold Box Set MLReed2017-05-12 15:12
Avon 1934-36 Perfection Flavoring Extract SetMLReed2017-05-24 00:04
Avon 1934-47 Perfection Coloring SetMLReed2017-05-17 18:59
Avon 1936 50th Year Celebration Daphne TalcMLReed2017-05-12 15:16
Avon 1936 Beauty DustMLReed2017-05-12 08:12
Avon 1936 Gardenia Perfume & Avon 1936 Lucy Hays PerfumeMLReed2017-05-17 19:00
Avon 1936 Talc for MenMLReed2017-05-12 15:16
Avon 1936-39 Tissue CreamMLReed2017-05-12 15:18
Avon 1936-43 Daphne Talcum PowderMLReed2017-05-19 09:30
Avon 1936-49 Elite Powder 1 PoundAvon 1936-54 Elite PowderMLReed2017-05-17 19:25