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Almost ALL of the 136 Avon Sawyers items listed for sale at have reduced shipping TODAY!

Because we try to use USPS Flat Rate Bubble Envelopes, we are able to ship some things which actually way more than 1 pound in that kind of envelope. There are some items that won't fit in one of those envelopes, so we have to charge for whatever packaging the item does fit in. Hurry to do your shopping before the US Postal Service raises the price of flat rate packaging again. It seems like rates go up almost monthly.

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Father's Day Gifts

There are 140 Sawyers items, from years past, available at
Most have pictures and are comparable to Sharper Image and Brookstone hard to find tools. I'm sure you can find something for your favorite man among them.

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Get something wonderful for your FAVORITE MAN!

You can find all of these gift items, along with many other men's gifts at
Most of the time, your order is shipped the day after you purchase it.
Everything is mint condition, unopened and ready to wrap for your SPECIAL GUY!
Here are some of our customer favorites:
Avon Black Suede Father's Day 3 pc Gift Set (incl. full size Col. Spray, After Shave Balm & Deodorant)
Avon Father's Day Bookmark Pair Craft Kit
Avon Father's Day Cologne Flask - American Classic
Avon Father's Day Flask/Wild Country
Avon Father's Day Photo Holder Magnets (Dad & Me)
Avon Father's Day Photo Holder Magnets (Gpa & Me)
Avon Very Special Mug - Father (duck)
Avon Very Special Mug - Grandparent (bear)
Avon #1 Dad Decanter - Black Suede
Avon #1 Dad Pen
Avon #1 Dad Tie
Avon Dads Magic Mug
Avon Dads Pen
Avon Dad's Shirt Scents Sachet
Avon Dads Shirts Scents 3 Drawer Sachets
Avon Dad's Traveling Mug
Avon Kitty Daddy TV Guide Holder
Avon Magnetic Notes (Dad's List) pictures an older roadster convertible
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Avon Chess set

Complete set of 32 chess pieces. All have after shave in them, one knight is not completely full. All in great condition. No boxes. Approximately 6" tall. Great Father's Day gift!! Will ship in two separate flat rate boxes, you pay shipping. Local pick up available.

Sharon Pinter
Chandler, AZ
Avon Chess set
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The Sawyer's catalog that AVON sold products out of during the 90s has LOTS of gadgets for men. Much more than AVON offers currently. There were about 150 items for sale in 5 catalogs during the approximately 2 1/2 years that they were a part of AVON.
You can find many of these items for sale now at
Check it out!
Many of them are quite heavy (marble stands etc) so we can't combine shipping unless the items all fit in a Priority Mail carton. AND some items are too large for the largest Priority Mail carton.

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I am looking for an Avon circa 1984-1986 Large Silver Plated Arrowhead Keychain with gold detail twine wrapped around the stem with 2 notches on each side of the arrowhead.


Nellie & Norman
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