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We have a member of this site who ordered one of these to sell to a customer. In fact these were quite popular initially (around last Christmas) except that guys didn't really like the color. You'd be amazed at the number of guys who buy foot products!

The first time the customer used the nail clipper, it broke instantly. The Representative took the item back and ordered a replacement from the company and took the replacement to the customer.
The customer AGAIN used the nail clipper and it broke instantly. WE put on a picture so that you could see that it really happened to her twice.
The first time, the Customer Service Dept. sent a free replacement. When she called about what to do with the second broken one, they said to ask for credit and send both of them back to the company.

When she tried to request credit for the second broken one, she was told that it was too long since the ORIGINAL one was purchased! She was only doing what they had told her to do and the second one had only been sent within the past month.
This is TERRIBLE customer service (also known as customer NO service). Even though this is not an expensive item, it's the principle of good customer service that made AVON great in 1886. Maybe it's the bad customer service that caused Avon North America to become NEW AVON LLP with no customer service at all.

Purple manicure kit

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