AvonTestBottles: Flower Maiden 1974; Dutch Girl Cologne 1973

The answer you entered to the math problem is incorrect.

Flower Maiden 1974. There are 2 test bottles for this decanter. If you are interested in the final product (top of the carton shown on the far left) it is good condition both the decanter and carton and is filled with Topaz. The clear test bottle in the middle has a label that says "1974 Flower Maiden s/b yellow skirt. Test Clear $30". This was put on by my dad to sell it. It also has an Avon Label on the bottom saying Topaz. The bottle on the far right has no labels.

Dutch Girl Cologne 1973: The picture I took looks like the test bottle is taller than the final production product but they are the same size. Both are in excellent condition. The final production decanter is empty.

AvonTestBottleDutch Girl Cologne 1973.JPG220.27 KB
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