Avon Test Bottles: 1973 Hearth Lamp and Grape Bud Vase

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More Test Bottles from the Collection of Dee Schneider and Bob Rudolph (Avons Research). The Hearth Lamp has writing on the top of the lamp shade just to ID the test bottle. The upper plastic lamp portion is not part of the clear test bottle. Both test bottles are in good condition. On the final decanter for Grape Bud Vase shown on the right, the box and bottle are in good condition except for some doodling on the Styrofoam insert to keep the bottle upright in the carton and the bottle is full of SSS.

Both test bottles are available for $5.00 plus postage. The Grape Bud Vase (finished product is available for free with the purchase if both test bottles.

Mary Reed
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