Avon Test Bottles

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We will have some Avon test bottles for sale shortly and more later. These are the (usually) clear glass bottles that Avon got from the manufacturers and then asked for changes before choosing glass colors etc for the final bottle that was filled and sold to the public. In the early Hastin Collector books, he included these items but later eliminated them because collectors might be shown stolen bottles that were for sale and prices were usually quite high.
We don't sell stolen merchandise on this website. Many of them come from a Member of this website's sister who was in inventory control/quality control at Avon for many years. They were given to her by her managers. So she did not steal them. It's hard to say if the managers had the right or not to give them away. Avon in Pasadena would not have been interested in the test bottles once the item was approved and went into production. And if the item was never approved they were worthless to the quality dept. If anyone wants more information from the Hastin's book, email staff@icollectavon.net

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