Avon Sport Of Kings Test Bottle with Papers!

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Definitely a "thoroughbred" test bottle. This test bottle (on the left) of Sport Of Kings comes with the papers that were sent to the Pasadena Branch. The cover memo is to Mr. E. Erickson - Pasadena, From: R. F. Missal Subject: Sport of Kings - 6 oz. After Shave Dec PP#8783. I have a scanned copy of the letter if you are interested in seeing the context of the memo. Attached is a scan of the carbon copy of the Approval Request which has a lot of detail on the changes to the product. The 3rd scan (Approval Request) has final information before production. I will send that to you upon request. The cost is $3.00 plus postage. If you are interested in the finished decanter let me know. It is free to you and it is empty.

Mary L Reed
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